November 3, 2015 Support

Classroom24-7 and Premier Career Guidance partner to launch PCG Online to deliver real world training to aspiring artists

Music Industry Veteran, Bernard Porter, and
Online Education Executive, Ernie Liang, Bring Real World Training to
Artists at Every Level, Allowing Them to Train at Their Own Pace
(And Strengthen Everything from Performance to Life Skills)
with Top Music Professionals

LOS ANGELES – November 3, 2015 – Since launching his company

PCG Nashville ( in 2008, industry veteran Bernard Porter has changed the lives and fortunes of hundreds of established, new and up-and-coming musicians and artists of all genres.

Establishing what is now recognized as one of America’s leading career/artist development organizations, he created “The Science of Artist Development”via a multi-faceted approach covering every aspect of creative and personal development – from vocal and media training to live show production, artist branding and the ultra-important, often-overlooked realm of “life skills.”

Now, joining forces with online education juggernaut Classroom24-7( and their equally visionary CEO, Ernie Liang, Porter is taking his holistic approach to artist development global via PCG Online (, which brings an expansive and ever-evolving real world training curriculum to musicians and artists at every level. (PCG is an acronym for Premier Career Guidance)

Set to launch in November 2015, the platform will allow millions of artists around the world to train at their own pace with many of the industry’s most accomplished instructors and coaches. Aspiring artists will be able to work with instructors who Porter says have guided “the biggest stars on the planet;” learn insider secrets from music professionals and strengthen the skills needed to succeed in talent competitions; and gain the edge needed to promote themselves as artists and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive industry.

PCG Online’s initial curriculum – known as the PCG Essentials Line – includes multiple on-demand courses including: Essentials of Songwriting, Essentials of Vocal Performance and Essentials of Auditioning. Additional courses will be launched soon including: Essentials of Live Performance, Essentials of Music Theory, Essentials of the Music Business and others in two unique realms that are generally overlooked in regular school curricula:Essentials of Authenticity and Essentials of Parenting an Artist. More advanced courses are currently being developed and will comprise theMasters Line of courses.

“Porter explains the essence of his vision, “We are proud to introduce to you PCG Online, where 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, artists will be training with the premier instructors and coaches in the entertainment industry. They are the best at what they do, with 100’s of years of combined experience.”

Through PCG Online and the latest in e-learning technology, we’re bringing the best in artist development directly to anyone with the desire to improve. Our greatest joy in life is helping others discover their gifts and teaching them how to make those gifts grow. It is our vision to ensure that every artist who is willing to work hard and invest in their craft will be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve their goals as an artist. Through PCG Online, we are able to bring unprecedented, real world training to artists all over the world.”

The PCG Online website also includes a five minute free introductory video that offers a sample of the kind of high quality instruction students can look forward to.

Upon meeting Liang via a mutual friend who is an investment professional, Porter knew he had found the perfect partner to help him fulfill his goals. Classroom24-7 is a full service online education company that provides distance learning technologies and services. With a learning management system (LMS) that was voted one of the Top 10 Association LMS Solutions in the world, Classroom24-7’s customized solutions improve the educational experience for learners, enhance their partners’ brands and generate new revenue streams.

Specializing in workforce training, continuing education, and professional development, Classroom24-7 works with top universities, hospitals, associations and corporations. In the healthcare education space, Classroom24-7’s technologies have reached doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals in over 130 countries.

Considering the popularity of music and music competition shows throughout the world – and musicians and artists who aspire to launch and sustain successful careers – Liang believes the same geographically expansive approach will be enormously successful for PCG Online. He knew that for the venture to work, they needed three important elements: The first, access to the world’s best content, material that Porter’s developed via the thousands of industry associations he’s cultivated over the past 26 years in the industry. #2 and #3 would fall under the expertise of Classroom24-7: the technological infrastructure that could deliver high quality programs on a massive scale; and powerful marketing, recruitment and retention services to ensure the word gets out, people are compelled to sign up for courses and return frequently for ongoing education.

As part of its initial online marketing effort, PCG Online’s first major partnership is with the indie artist hub ReverbNation.

“When I first met Bernard, I immediately recognized what he had been able to accomplish with aspiring artists in terms of providing them the skills and training they need to maximize their chances of success, plus those all-important life skills that provide the foundation for a career in the music industry,” says Liang.” “With PCG Online, we’re able to deliver Bernard’s proven curriculum on a much much larger scale. So instead of reaching hundreds of performers each year, we can potentially reach hundreds of thousands or even millions. Every country has aspiring artists, and Bernard has the curriculum to help them take their skill sets to the next level.”

For Porter, one of the most exciting aspects of PCG Online is the opportunity to develop new content that keeps current with and responds to ongoing trends in the music industry. “This is unlike what you might find at universities that are teaching music and music business courses,” he says. “Often the business courses are more about teaching history than things that are currently going on. And by the time they update what they’re doing, they’re already a few years behind the curve. That’s not the case with us. We’ll have a current curriculum at all times enabled by what Ernie calls ‘rapid prototyping.’ Everything we do comes from best practices that are proven to work in online education. We’ve also found that it is most effective to break down programs to 10 to 30 minute segments, which is easier to digest than longwinded several hour long courses. All of the content will be vibrant, interesting and fun, and consumable across all platforms.”

On a personal level, Porter’s goal goes far beyond creating a profitable entrepreneurial venture with an online education expert. “I really feel this is our ministry,” he says. “It’s important to recognize the gifts that God has given us all, and I believe it is our purpose on this planet to take those gifts and try to do some good out there with them. In our case, it’s the ability to impact people by delivering a message through us and our coaches. And as it evolves, it’s even likely that PCG Online will expand beyond instruction related to the music industry.”

Liang echoes his partner’s enthusiasm for changing careers and lives on a global scale through PCG Online: “What excites me most is the ability to use technology to make a personal and emotional connection with people. At Classroom24-7, we have worked extensively in medical and legal education, but this is our first opportunity to apply the same model and technology to making a huge difference in the lives of artists, musicians and performers. I’ve met Bernard’s clients and have been blown away by how thankful they are for the guidance he’s given them. They know they’re getting so much more than just artist development training, they’re getting invaluable life skills taught by people who truly care.”