Classroom24-7 Launches Education Sponsorship Program for Nonprofits

Jersey City, NJ – Classroom24-7, a leading online education technology company, announced today the launch of its risk-free program to support the distance education initiatives of nonprofits. “We are committed to helping nonprofit organizations make a significant impact in their communities.We understand the realities of nonprofits’ budget constraints and are excited to offer a program specifically designed to assist with fundraising to support their online education initiatives,” said Michael Gervasio, Classroom24-7’s Vice President of Accounts.

Through Classroom24-7’s Education Sponsorship Program for Nonprofits, organizations begin working with Classroom24-7 to design and launch a customized Learning Management System even before funding has been secured. As an added benefit, the Learning Management System can be used to promote the nonprofit’s sponsors and partners to assist in the fundraising process. Payment is only due after funding has been secured, and if adequate funds are not secured within a pre-determined period of time, the initiative can be put on hold at no risk to the nonprofit organization.
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Rizk Ventures Acquires Classroom24-7, a Leader in the Online Technology Education Sector

New York, NY–Rizk Ventures, LLC ( announced today the acquisition of Classroom24-7, LLC, a leading online education technology solutions company.  Ernie Liang and Jack Lyden, Classroom24-7’s Chief Executive Officer and Senior Vice President, respectively, have also invested in the company as part of the transaction.

“We believe there is an outstanding opportunity to build upon Classroom24-7’s success working with top tier institutions, including Hospital for Special Surgery, Georgetown University Law Center, and the New Jersey State Bar Association,” said Thomas A. Rizk, Rizk Ventures’ Co-Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer.

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Helping You Lead Learning…and Marketing

We’re continuing our free Leading Learning Webinar series geared at helping associations and others in the lifelong learning field actively lead the learning their organizations offer—so the learning is effective for the learner, the organization, and the broader profession or society at large.

We’re focusing on three big-bucket topics: learning, marketing, and technology. Our next Webinar (coming up on April 10) deals with how to select a learning management system that’s right for your association. While some might be tempted to assign LMSes to the technology bucket alone or, if they’re feeling generous, the technology and learning buckets, learning management systems really should span all three—technology, learning, and marketing.

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