UFCOP Quick Facts

  • Top Ranked Pharmacy Program (U.S. News & World Report)
  • Launched Board-Approved Pharmacy Technician Program
  • Classroom24-7 Captures 1600 hours of UFCOP Content per year
  • Doubled UFCOP Enrollments to 1200 Students per year

University of Florida sought to adopt a distance education model to double enrollments in their flagship Doctor of Pharmacy program. Classroom24-7 was brought on to implement a program to stream 1,600 hours of video content to 600 students across the state of Florida. Since 2002, Classroom24-7 has captured and delivered the University of Florida’s entire PharmD program online. Classroom24-7 provides a dedicated staff that produces over 1,600 hours of videos each year and has helped double UF College of Pharmacy’s enrollments to 1,200 students. Additionally, starting in 2011, all pharmacy technicians in the state of Florida must take a Board Approved Pharmacy Technician Training Program to be eligible to work in the state. Recognizing the need to train qualified Pharmacy Technicians, the University of Florida and Classroom24-7 partnered to develop and launch an online Pharmacy Technician training program approved by the Boards of Pharmacy in Florida and Virginia.

Our relationship expanded to include additional contracts with Masters in Medication Therapy Management and Pharmacy Technician Training Certificate Program.  In these additional contracts we provided curriculum, Content Delivery Network, help desk, sales, marketing, and business development services where we generate over $1 million a year in revenue. Classroom24-7 spearheaded the development of the University of Florida’s online pharmacy technician training program and provides all marketing, business development, and student recruitment services. This program provides highly qualified entry-level technicians to the pharmacy community and offers critical job training in the state of Florida.